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Lubbock Tornado

Lubbock TornadoWe don’t have to tell you that we see our fair share of tornadoes because we know the sirens let us know all too often.  NOAA’s report from 1991-2010 shows that Texas has had the largest number touchdowns over the two decades of reporting.





Lubbock Thunderstorm

Lubbock Weather

2013 confirms we definitely get our fair share of thunderstorms that bring plenty of hail and wind.

Past, present and future storms all affect your roof.

We inspect roofs all the time with old hail damage that have been baking in the sun and now there are holes in the asphalt shingles.  If you are not sure if you have old hail damage, we can inspect your roof and provide pictures showing you what we look for on roofs.  Then you will be sure old lingering storm damage doesn’t need to be remedied.

How strong is your roof to handle today’s and tomorrow’s storms?

There are several elements that secure your roof when storms hit.  When we come inspect your roof we look for several things to make sure, in its present condition, your roof is able to withstand strong winds.  This does not necessarily mean shingles won’t blow off nor does it mean your roof has to be replaced, but rather putting your mind at ease.  If we find the strength of your roof is on the weaker side, we might suggest you watch is closely after the next storm blows through.  We can quickly come out and take care of a small repair without having to replace an entire roof.  Really our inspection lets you know how closely you need to monitor your roof.

Age of the roof is kind of like humans – in our “prime” years we are generally in better health and stronger.  As we progress in age, we need a little extra watching out for.  Your roof is similar, if after our inspection we let you know it doesn’t need to be replaced, but just keep an eye on it.  All we’re saying is just look up at it a little more frequently.

Peace of Mind

If you would like us to take a look at your roof so you get  general overall condition report, if just for the peace of mind, you can either call us or contact us on the contact page.

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